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The changing competitive scene is a constant challenge.

Don’t be a victim of change.  I help my clients reserve that role for their competitors.

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About Ray Coen

Ray opened his consulting firm in the 1980's.
Prior to that he was the long-time Executive VP of one of Los Angeles' largest advertising agencies. In his agency days, Ray's success in solving client business problems went far beyond the traditional agency role. So, in addition to structuring new marketing programs, he often drove concept development, merchandising innovations, and research.


Word spread, other companies came to him for business counsel, and Ray became ever busier with a growing list of consulting clients. This led to his opening the consulting firm.

Ray's first years in the business world were spent at The May Co., where he worked with over 40 buyers, and learned what it takes to attract customers in highly competitive environments.

He and his wife live in Pacific Palisades, California, near to his grown children, his tennis club, and the lovely Pacific Ocean.

Letter from Art Manask

Past Chairman of California Restaurant Association


I’ve done business with Ray Coen for the last dozen years or so. In that time, I have seen Ray work with CEO’s heading companies of every size and in many industries. Ray amazes me again and again with his abilities to understand the client situations and challenges, and guide creative resources to make positive impacts on the client companies. His advice regarding my own company helped get us out of the crowd and into the number one positioning in the industry.


Being active in this industry, I’ve introduced Ray to many people in this most artistic and emotional field. I’ve never regretted that. In several instances, he literally saved his client’s company from failing. Always, strategies. Always, creative talent doing outstanding work for him.


If Ray thinks he can help in a situation, I would trust him to do that successfully.

If any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact me.


Sincerely yours,





Arthur M. Manask
Manask & Associates, 818-557-0635

CEO of 60-store Islands burger chain

The last nine years (of the consulting relationship) have been a great experience for (the chain). With your help, we attained most of our goals and grew the concept into a viable restaurant company with $200 million in revenues. Thank you for your help and professionalism. (Turnaround in Problem Markets - Year 1: 17% over PY in initial market; no discounting.)

President of 60-store Winchell's Donut Chain

Thank you for the great job. You have played a significant role in the marketing efforts, not only increasing weekly sales but also in the development of programs for new products. Your efforts helped produce results that exceeded our goals in sales, transaction counts, average ticket. (Year 1: Double digit sales growth; no discounting.)

Tony DeGrazier Nancy Parker

Owner of 15-store coffee shop chain and
several Mexican restaurants

The last four years have been good ones (for both concepts). Your counsel and leadership have been a major factor for our success. I have learned a lot from you… (Year 1 turnaround: Reversed several year sales decline. 18% sales increase. No discounting.)

Ruben Villavicencio

Redevelopment Mgr., City of Oxnard, Landlord

Our restaurant tenant has been a phenomenal success. A lot of the credit goes to you for giving us such a sound set of criteria from which to select our lessee and structure our lease agreement. Thanks again for all your guidance and encouragement.


Maureen Hooper

CEO of 35-unit Vagabond Lodging Chain

You have provided insights and alternatives which will have a lasting effect on this company and I sincerely hope conditions will allow for your continued involvement.

Tom Evans

CEO of 1200 store Ponderosa chain

Ray was very instrumental in helping us get on track. I would highly recommend... Mr. Coen.


Mike Jenkins

Chairman, Imperial Bank

Never in 21 years have I received so many unsolicited and complimentary comments about (the bank's) advertising. I have received calls from people I haven't heard from in years -- customers, friends, stockholders, and other bankers.

George Graziadio

President of 60-store Islands burger chain

During the 8 years that we worked together, you made substantial contributions in turning around (underperforming) restaurants...by developing a marketing and business strategy that led to significant improvements with a very small marketing budget. The creative direction that you established was spot on for our concept, reaching (all markets).

Doug Kollus

President of 15 unit Dixieline Lumber
Home Improvement Chain

It was a pleasure to work with you. We will long be touched by your innovation. The new image and the expanded focus is greatly appreciated.

COO of 90-unit Buca di Beppo

Thanks again for the work you did for us. You have opened my eyes to see marketing in a more strategic way.

W.S. Cowling, II Joe Kohaut

CEO of ProBusiness Services(Financial Services Co.)

In very short order, you gave us a marketing focus, gave the customer a reason to take action, and put some very creative people on the project to execute the strategy. This not only resulted in great sales response, it really motivated employees and energized the whole business.

Tom Sinton

A partial list of clients with whom Ray has worked.

Food Service

Boston Market Chain

Daily Grill Restaurants

El Chico Restaurants

Islands Fine Burgers

JJ North's Buffets

Kentucky Fried Chicken

King's Hawaiian Restaurants

Metromedia (Ponderosa)

Millie's Restaurants

Sizzler Steakhouses

Specialty Restaurants

Winchell's Donuts

Package Goods

Lawry's Foods

Early California Olives

Sona & Hollen Sauces


Grocery Chains

Hughes Markets

Viva Markets

Boys Markets

Food 4 Less Markets



1st Interstate Bank / UCB

Imperial Bank

Occidental-Transamerica Life

ProBusiness Services (payroll)

First Western Bank


Vagabond Motel Chain

Beverly Heritage Hotels



Los Angeles Zoo

L.A. County Museum of Art

Science Museum of Minnesota

The Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

Cleveland’s Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame



Arthur Andersen & Co.

Coopers & Lybrand

El Hippodromo Racetrack (Mexico)

Santa Anita Racetrack

Case History:

A profitable, $3,000,000 Per Store Average (PSA) chain retained Mr. Coen to develop a from-scratch marketing program to see whether a small marketing budget could increase sales and profits.

Case History:

650 store chain had flattened out.  CEO turned over to Ray Coen the chain’s worst performing market, carte blanche.  Ray repositioned the chain, the menu, other elements of the concept.  Target was 7.5% over PY.  Performance was 24% over PY, plus improved operating margins.

Case History:

450-store chain had experienced 36 months of continual downtrend vs. prior year. Ray Coen was retained to develop a new business strategy and, ex officio, to take over the Marketing Dept. Couponing and other discounting was reduced, new programs introduced at no increase in budget.


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